US Figure Skating


Formed in 1970 – Non-profit in 1989. Sierra Nevada Figure Skating Club has had an unusual history. In Northern Nevada there was only one ice surface, and that was a beautiful rink in our local mall. This rink became very popular, and we ended up having over 100 skaters in the club. We would put on ice shows with stars like Brian Botano and pairs, Kristi Yahmaguchi and Rudi Galindo. Unfortunately the owners of several malls in the country decided to close all the ice rinks. We were allowed to stay open for two extra years because we were so successful. The rink and the sport for 100 skaters was over in 1983, and our club ended up looking for ice for several years. However, the club remained active during this time and even hosted a National Precision Championship in Reno, with an ice surface put up at the Convention Center. Since this time we have had two ice facilities throughout the years. We have worked hard to keep our club alive.Today we are without a permanent ice rink….but that doesn’t stop us from our goal. The Sparks Hometown Parade was a perfect example of our dedication to building awareness of our club and what we do in the community….we won 1ST PLACE in floats! Our small but active club joined together and made a snowflake wonderland, complete with an Ice Princess and several little elves to help our mascot, ICY, pass out candy and give all the kids a thrill! There is a Winter Ice rink, Rink on the River, which is open until the end of February in downtown Reno. With January being National Skating Month, we will be using ICY to help spread the word about our club! We hope to see all our friends at the Rink on the River.